Achievement is an extended system introduced on April 29, 2015. While competing with each other, players' achievements during a match are recorded. Upon meeting requirements of the achievement system, they will receive numerous attractive rewards and respective titles will be unlocked and can be used to show off to others.

Achievements Edit

The following is a list of all avalable achievements.


Icon Title Requirements Points Rewards
The beginner The Beginner For 100
Get Gold Medals from Daily Quest
20 Point ball x5
Hard worker Hard Worker Hard Worker
Get 10 Silver Medals from Daily Quest
10 Point ball x1
Faithful baller Faithful Baller Faithful Baller
Get Silver Medals from Daily Quest
50 Exp sponsor x1
Loyal Baller
Get Gold Medals from Daily Quest
30 Point ball x5
Game maker Game Maker Road to VIP
Use VIP membership (30D)
20 Vip x1
The VIP Player
Use VIP megaphone
20 Vip megaphone x10
Ring the Bell
Ring the Golden Bell
40 Exp sponsor x1
Big investor Big Investor Rookie Investor
Use Point
50 Point coupon x1
Use Cash
20 Point coupon x1
Ring the Golden Bell
10 Card ball x3


Icon Title Requirements Points Rewards
Rookie C Rookie C
Amateur C Amateur C
Master C Master C
Rookie PF Rookie PF
Amateur PF Amateur PF
Master PF Master PF
Rookie SF Rookie SF
Amateur SF Amateur SF
Master SF Master SF
Rookie SG Rookie SG
Amateur SG Amateur SG
Master SG Master SG
Rookie PG Rookie PG
Amateur PG Amateur PG
Master PG Master PG
LV50 All rounder LV50 All-rounder
Rookie CT Rookie CT
Amateur CT Amateur CT
Master CT Master CT
Rookie SW Rookie SW
Amateur SW Amateur SW
Master SW Master SW
Rookie DG Rookie DG
Amateur DG Amateur DG
Master DG Master DG
Position breaker Position Breaker


Icon Title Requirements Points Rewards
AI rampage AI Rampage
AI destroyer AI Destroyer
AI conqueror AI Conqueror
Block king Block King

Event onlyEdit

Icon Title Requirements Effect
Bingo fever Bingo Fever (30D) Clear the Bingo event 3 times All Attributes +3
Minesweeper Minesweeper (30D) Get Mismatched numbers in the Bingo event 100 times All Attributes +1
Big money Big Money (7D) Get number 7 in the Bingo event 7 times 100% Point
FS2 2nd Aniversary FS2 2nd Aniversary (7D) Play for an hour during 3.6.9 Missions event All Attributes +10
Crew League Winner Crew League Winner