Amoud (aka Trash PF, Toxic NOOB, Worst PF) is a legendary player, known by himself and most to be the #1 PF to ever play Freestyle 2. His fame arose by his endless rs in need.

Appearance Edit

Big Daddy is a gorgeous bald-headed man with a blond goatee. He usually dresses himself in magic items obtained from the magic shop, to showcase his humbleness, and to separate himself from trash tryhard players who think a good outfit makes a good player. Skill has nothing to do with how you look, you can look casual and be the best (like Daddy), or you can look good and be absolute trash (Like most of the community).


Big Daddy #1 PF

Crew History Edit

Amoud is currently in the crew named 'roOXx'. He has been in trash crews before, like Nokia, Twister, Versality, O V O, and maybe some other trash ones he can't remember. Overall, no crew has been good enough for him, either because of how trash the players are, or because they cry about his toxicity and trash talking in general (hypocrites).

Tournaments Edit

Ever since the arrival of the #1 PF on the scene, FS2 no longer hosts tournaments, as the winner is obvious, thus the term 'competition' is nullified.

Present Edit

Big Daddy Amoud plays on a daily basis, but usually quits once he gets bored of dominating the same trash players over and over.