Crew League system has been updated since February 28, 2017. For information regarding the old system, see Crew League/Feb 17, 2016.

Crew League is a competition system available since Patch February 17, 2016. Aiming to bring a tournament-like experience to all players, Crew League allows all crew members to participate in the event to compete against other crews and earn attractive prizes for each individual and all crew members. This is also another method to earn Crew Coin.

Crew League is held occasionally for a whole month and will only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 00:00 to 24:00. In order to receive rewards, members must have joined the crew before the event started, and only those with character level 12 or higher can join the league.

  • Note: Crew Master cannot evict members during this event period.

Leagues Edit

Crew League is divided into 3 tiers: Ultimate, Pro and Division. Crew rank will determine which tier the crew will participate in the league.

CL Ultimate CL Pro CL Division
Crew Ranks
1-25 26-60 61+
Win: Crew +3, Individual +3
Lose: Crew -3, Individual +0
Win: Crew +3, Individual +3
Lose: Crew -3, Individual +0
Win: Crew +5, Individual +3
Lose: Crew +1, Individual +0
<< Top 10 teams advance
Bottom 10 teams demote >>
5000 Crew coin
Reward Box x9
4000 Crew coin
Reward Box x6
2000 Crew coin
Reward Box x3
Crews are matched based on ELO Crews are matched randomly