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Dash is a term commonly used by players to refer to a play style mainly used by teams composed of one or more of the following positions: SG, SF, DG and SW (also called dashers). These positions have a common skill, Away Screen Move Bonus, which is the key tactic of this play style, allowing them to escape the opponents and score openly, or disorientate defenders for other teammates to score. Other essential requirements include a teammate who is able to utilize screen effectively (mostly a C, PF or CT) and another teammate who is able to pass the ball at an exact timing (usually a PG or DG).

Although dashers hold the key role of this play style, PGs/DGs are actually the one to control the rhythm and handle most work. They must be able to deliver a pass to a successful dash of the dasher or score directly when the opponents are distracted by the dasher.

Advantages Edit

  • If performed effectively, this play style may become hard to defend or even overpowered.
  • C, PF and CT are able to focus on rebounding or even score easily as the the dashers have attracted all of the attentions.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Requiring teamwork and accuracy.
  • Complicated skills may be set for effective performance.