Dribbling or driving is an action of maneuvering the ball in different directions to avoid or escape defenders.

Types of dribbleEdit

These are basic dribble types which can be connected with Skills to perform combos.

Long driveEdit

Long drive

A standard dribble which has wide angle and easy to utilize and avoid bumping. To utilize, hold A and press arrow keys depending on the desired direction.

Short driveEdit

Short drive

An advanced dribble which is much faster compared to Long drive and easy to perform a break ankle on the defender, but is risky due to its narrow angle which is easy to bump. To utilize, slightly press A and arrow keys depending on the desired direction.

Tip: A trick to utilize this easier is quickly pressing A twice (A + A).

Post up driveEdit

Post up drive

A power dribble commonly used by C, PF, and CT, it is a slow and steady dribble which relies on the tussle attribute to push the defender towards the post. To utilize, press and hold W to perform a post up stance, move your character towards the post or drive to the left or right with arrow keys.

Driving skillsEdit

The following is a list of all driving skills available: