Intercept is a defensive skill to prevent a chest pass between two opponents, available to PG, SG, SF and DG. It is an essential skill of PG as they possess the highest steal stat, which affects the probability of an intercept and allows them to utilize the skill in full potential. The default level of the skill is III, which increases the intercept success rate by 48.

Tips & tricks Edit

Intercept requires some understanding and practice in order to perform the skill effectively. The following are some tips and tricks for reference to improve your skill:

  • It is important to keep in mind that Intercept is only able to prevent a chest pass.
  • Your character have to stay on a line between the opponents, the passer and your marking man.
  • Try to stay in the middle of that line.
  • Perform intercept (press A) right before the passer passes the ball.
  • The skill should always be equipped with SP Intercept to increase the intercept range.

Video guideEdit

FS2 Intercept Guide (Position and Timing)

FS2 Intercept Guide (Position and Timing)