Special characters are characters made by using a coupon either bought from the item store or earned from item ball. They immediately come with an extra 40 attribute points, and can come with unique animations or bonuses as well. Level 1, 12, 24, and 40 level special characters can be bought and used after a different character on the same account reaches that level (excluding Buzzer Beater).

Buzzer BeaterEdit

“We don't give up until the game ends!”

The WestEdit

“No one can stop my team!”

Naughty KittiesEdit

“We are the Naughty Kitties ♬”


“We Are the Noble team!”

Black LightningEdit

“Lightning can best be seen in the dark!”

Team SLAMEdit

“Can't stop until we become the champion, POWER SLAM!”

Ace of WulinEdit

“This is how we do it!”


“A strategic tactician with a calm yet sharp mind.”

Wild RookiesEdit


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