Not to be confused with the position: Swingman.
Swing flly-oop

An example of a swing type, Flly-oop

Swing is a term commonly used by players to refer to a play style which can be considered a basic play style as it is what most of new players start out with. It is also the only play style to have many different types depending on the player's technique and strategy and the player who takes the leading role of this play style is known as swingman.

From a new player's perspective, swing style are often seen as a play style where the swingman requires no assistance from his/her teammates in attempts to score. They usually equip a set of dribbling skills to perform combos and escape from their opponents for an open shot. However, this has been proved to be less effective from time to time by veteran players and the play style starts to evolve and has become more diverse.

It should be noted that the bigman of the swing team must not leave the paint even if the swingman tries to do a layup, and possessing a high Long Layup attribute is a great advantage for the effeciency of this play style.

Types of swing Edit

Pure swingEdit

Swingman: SW, SF, SG, DG

Relying on drive-in dribbling skills, these swingmen handle dribbles with care to shake off defense and score. They are mostly equipped with different dribbling and scoring skills such as Behind the Back, Back Roll Turn, Drive & Post Up, Double Clutch, Manual Layup etc. to be able to score flexibly.


Swingman: SG, DG

A combination of Floater and Alley-oop Pass skills as the main combo to play mind games against opponent big. These swingmen are best with their Long Layup attribute at max to perform the Floater effectively to score or to draw the big from the post and then use Alley-oop Pass. Additional skills such as Jump Pass, Double Clutch and Hookup Pass are also advised to help shake the paint.

Team placementEdit



Advantages Edit

  • It is the most dynamic and flexible play style.
  • The allied big is able to focus on rebounding.

Disadvatages Edit

  • Mainly rely on the swingman only.
  • Requiring a good vision of all teammates alike.
  • Requiring the ability to predict the opponent's move with accuracy. If failed, a chance of the getting blocked or turnovers is highly viable.

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